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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Let's head back to some tennis!

Ok don't worry about last losses. We all get some money today:

Discipline: Tennis- US OPEN
Encounter: Cilic - Nishikori
Type: 1
Odds: ~1.65
stake- 10/10

Nishikori is in great shape- should win 1-3 without any problems.

Friday, August 31, 2012

hockey types

Hi I've got some nice stuff for today:

Discipline: Hockey- European trophy
Encounter: Pardubice -Liberec
Type: 1
Odds: ~1.90
 And for some of you who like some risk:

Discipline: Hockey- friendly
Encounter: Znojmo - Zvolen
Type: 2
Odds: ~2.30
 I'm in hurry and I won't write analysis, but tomorrow I will place some good tennis bet and analyse it. Good Luck! 

I guess my lack of hocke knowledge has lost me... Next time we will just stick to tennis or football.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

come back

Sorry that I neglected this blog a little, but I just had to do some other- more important stuff. Ok so let's get back to sports:

Discipline: Football, 4th round of eliminations.
Encounter: Dila Gori - Maritimo
Type: 2
Odds: ~1.90
Analysis - The names of both teams, especially today's hosts- for someone who's not into football- won't be much known. Home is playing for Georgia and after the start of competition obtained last place with deadly score of 0-0-3. Away is just some average Portuguese team. They started the league quite well, because after two meetings they gained 4 points. Georgia is the total exotic when it comes to football club and challenging mediocre Portuguese players will be just too much.
I consider selling matches with much better odds and preatty cheap but with success rate over 85%. If you'd be interested just mail me at

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Less enthusiastic tennis

Weird thing about the last Volleyball match. It was huge compromitation for Serbs.
Here are the matches for ya. I don't assure you that they'll win but you can always try them out:

Olympic Tennis- Women
Hantuchova - Wozniacki
Under 22.5 gems.

ATP singiel in Washington Tennis- Men
Malisse - Chardy

Good Luck :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

London 2012 Olympics

I don't really like Olympics. Especially in London. Ok, cool I understand that London is very rainy city, but in that case they should build some roofs or something that can prevent rain from falling during the game... Maybe there are some reasons for them to do this which I don't know but I tried to check it and I didn't found a thing about this. Anyways here's my coupon for today:

Discipline: Volleyball Women Olympics
Encounter: Serbia - South Korea
Type: 1
Odds: ~1.4

Discipline: Volleyball Women Olympics
Encounter: Italy - Japan
Type: 1
Odds: ~1.2

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Won't give up!

Home sweet home.
Ok here's another match. We are in plus even after those two losses so we have some spare funds left :)

I'm going to make va bank move and bet everything on

women volleyball
Brasil - Turkey: 1
Odds: 1.2

PS. Here are pics of my little farmhouse I went last week :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tomorrow atp tournament

Hi :) its me with new bet to place. Tommorow i'll take some pictures of my "garden". This match will start in about 15hours so all of you have time to take this chance. Odds are around 1.70 the risk is small and we can make much money of it.

Zopp - Odesnik type: 1

Zopp is in great shape now so it would be sin to not use this occasion. Just take a look at his stas. He did great job in his last couple of matches and he won't fail tommorow as well. Keep your fingers crossed. When i get back i'll take more time and put much more work into my posts. Dont forget to leave a comment and follow my blog. Spread the word! If some ad will interest you dont be shy and click on it;)

Gosh.. Tennis has failed me again. What a shame..

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Couple of infos and fine type

Hello again folks. Sorry for this crappy font and not color yesterday match that was won of course. My phone doesn't let me to edit posts and connection is really weak in here. I'll try to upload some pictures later maybe. So after this long intro lets head down for more useful informations :)

International-atletico go 1 around1.6
Palmeiras- nauticio 1 around1.6

Dont forget to follow my blog. After I come back Ill try to write not only what team/player you should choose. This kind of vacation is really great. See you around in two days.:)
I can edit:) but not colour... Already won:))

Saturday, July 21, 2012

new tips

Hello, it's me again. I prepared new bet with medium odds for you. It's not like 2.0-2.5 but still it's really good investment. Anyways I'm going to my ranch today so I won't have much time to post. especially to post everyday. I'll be gone for a week and I'll try to update my blog around 3 times.

Discipline: Football; friendly
Encounter: Śląsk Wrocław - Benfica Lisbona
Type: Over 2.5 Goals
Odds: ~1.80
Enough to say that this kind of matches are overgoaled in mostly of cases. Believe me or not but I don't have time to write some more. Final result will verify it all.. See you around and visit me tomorrow for another update .

Friday, July 20, 2012

sure matches for today

Well the first(here's like second) pancake is always spoiled I guess. I thought I could aim big but I failed hard so today I will just put 2 low odds matches to fill the losses.

Volleyball- Hubert Wagner memorial
Deutschland- Argentina-  1
Odds: ~!.65

Handball- U18 Eu Championship
Sweden- Denmark-  1
Odds: ~1.30

Like a piece of cake :) we cover all of the losses so we can place some bets again. I knew it will turn out good. Tomorrow I'll post something again.